Optimize Multi-Cloud Streaming Performance with PacketFabric Cloud Router

Multi-cloud applications are becoming more common, and by default their traffic flows over the Internet. However, when it comes to business-critical applications, there are 3 major challenges when using the Internet as transport:

Privacy and Security: The Internet is neither private nor secure, and no amount of tunneling fundamentally changes that fact. Application Performance can be impacted by many factors, but with networking, it's really the consistency that matters. The time and variance of transmission GREATLY impacts performance, and the Internet transport is just best effort, and just hasn’t got any performance guarantees.

Then we need to consider Cost efficiency: Cloud network consumption is designed for delivering applications to users, but when you’re faced with a lot of workflows that are multi-cloud in nature, egress costs can become a real factor

Previously, getting around Internet connectivity required you to turn to traditional telco solutions, but you have to commit for long-term and in many cases wait weeks or months just to get started.

However, there is a newer, private and secure way to connect your multi-cloud workflows, which gives you predictable high performance, in other words lower latency, at a predictable cost.

For more information on how we address privacy, security and cloud egress costs, please visit us at packetfabric.com.

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